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We are a book club style podcast focused on story driven video games. Each episode we do a deep dive into a different game.

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This Decision Will Have Consequences

I love narrative heavy story lines and games. Even more discussing the moral choices these games give you. Really enjoying the series and hearing Dan & Jordan’s opinions on the tougher heart-wrenching issues on games I know so well and some new ones I’ve not tried yet. They’re personable and fun. You love narrative games where the story truly matters? Love wondering what people where thinking choosing different options? Then listen on.... (hopefully “you will remember that”) :p”


Awesome Podcast

Awesome podcast guys. Really enjoy your in depth recaps and reviews while I’m at work Hard to find a podcast that isn’t super jarring with overblown personalities or try hard bro-tastic nerds being immature or annoying. Thankful for your unbiased and respectful opinions about gaming and anything related. 10/10 would recommend keep it up!


Keep Up the Great Work

I am really digging this podcast—stumbled upon it on SoundCloud and was happy to see a podcast on iTunes exists. Really enjoy hearing you guys dive deep into character driven, story, and choice based games. Not only would I like to see you guys go back and review older games, like the first couple seasons of Telltale’s Walking Dead or Batman or the Quantic Dream games (such as Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit), but I think podcast episodes on the “Hardest Choices to Make” in these games or your “Favorite Game Moments” or “Most Shocking Moments” would be fun to hear. Keep up the great work!”


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