List of Patreon Episodes

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  1. Favorite Video Games from Childhood
  2. Favorite Gaming Systems
  3. Favorite Board Games
  4. Favorite Pokemon
  5. Ranking the Life is Strange episodes
  6. Old North Arcade
  7. Favorite Video Game Franchises
  8. Favorite Video Game Characters
  9. Video Game Backlogs
  10. Favorite Video Games as Teens
  11. Fantasy Football
  12. Favorite Comedy TV Shows
  13. Favorite Video Game Villains
  14. The Shining and Cujo
  15. The Mandalorian: Season One
  16. Favorite Characters from Telltale's The Walking Dead
  17. Favorite Video Game Soundtracks
  18. Favorite Vacations
  19. Top 5 Gut Punches in Video Games
  20. Best Openings in Video Games
  21. Favorite Side Characters in Video Games
  22. Favorite Concerts
  23. Favorite TV Shows
  24. Favorite Voice Actors
  25. Ranking the Uncharted Series

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