TGSEP: Side Quests

TGSEP: Side Quests will be our audio adventures into other topics that wouldn't fit the main show.

We decided to start another podcast, TGSEP: Side Quests. The thought behind this second podcast feed is to have a spot for things that wouldn't really belong on the main show. This could be things that are video game related like the Life is Strange comics. It could also just be a space to talk about other things we like such as books or TV shows.

Here's a list of what has been covered on the show so far:

  • Blood, Sweat and Pixels by Jason Schreier
  • Life is Strange Comics - Waves (1-4)
  • Life is Strange Comics - Strings (1-4)
  • Major Dundee
  • TED Talk - Life is Strange
  • The Raft by Stephen King
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